The beauty of a decentralized movement, like the one we’re starting, is that we don’t need to wait for permission or orders from some central chain of command before we do new missionary work in our city. Each community discerns together what God is saying to them and how they will respond. Then, community forms around that collective vision.

It’s not that we’re a bunch of lone ranger, super hero Christians. We just believe it when Jesus promises to be wherever two or three are gathering in his name. Each community of missionaries has all the DNA of the gospel, and the Spirit will supply everything we need for faithful participation in the mission of God.

Missionaries should be creative. After all, they expect that where they pour out love, worship God, and preach his gospel, new life will sprout.

So we’re going to be as creative as possible, and this blogging format can help us. We’ll post ideas that people in the community have heard about or dreamed up, and invite brainstorming among the rest of us.

A post will be coming out later this week with a basic approach to brainstorming that we can take, but I am too excited about sharing the first idea right now. So that post will come first!