Our monthly community rhythm involves two community gatherings and two mission activities. One of our missions each month is called Love Your Neighbor and is intended to build relationships with people in our neighborhoods, show them love, etc. The other mission we take on each month is called Serve Your City and involves intentionally serving the least of these, including the poor, orphans, widows, etc.

We just posted about the Love Your Neighbor plan for next week. Our Serve Your City activity will be to serve dinner at the Booth House, which is run by the Salvation Army in downtown Alton. They don’t need a large number of people to help serve each night, so we can take two (or three?) consecutive nights.

What we need is to find out who can go on which night, so that we can schedule it with the Salvation Army. Could you check your family calendar and leave a comment on this post so that we know who is available the week of January 23? In your comment, just list the dates you and your family are available. Here are the options:

Monday, January 23
Tuesday, January 24
Wednesday, January 25