God has been doing some wonderful things in and through our Restore group (this is the “Soup’s On” group–not our official name). In the four weeks leading up to Resurrection Day, we invited some friends who attend “Soup’s On” to meet with us to view the movie, “The Passion of the Christ.” We enjoyed dinner first and then had discussion after each installment. One of the men hosted us in his apartment! It was good to connect with new people.

Nearly half of our Restore group members are youth (3 out of 8). It is so encouraging to see how they feel very much part of our group. STAR MILITZER offered a suggestion for the “in” part of our group: having a game night. So, this Friday we are meeting at George and Jamie Wreath’s to play games! At her art/pottery class (I might be getting the name of this class wrong) LYDIA JACKSON created a bowl/cup and plate for us to serve Communion (for the “up” part of our group)! Praise God for how He is at work in our group!

Paul Militzer