Preaching in the Alton Mission is a community practice.

We have an amazing group of people who share the listening, studying, and preaching load together. We also believe that the whole community is active in discerning the voice of God through the Scriptures and the sermon. We therefore offer recordings of our sermons here hoping they will be helpful, but with this counsel: Listen actively and in community. The sermon loses some of its communal and sacramental character when extracted from the community-at-worship. It remains a dead relic until a community actively takes it up again.

You can subscribe to our sermons as a podcast. Here’s how to get the sermons delivered to you:

  1. From your computer: In iTunes go to File > Subscribe to Podcast and type
  2. On your tablet or phone:
    A. Click on this link
    B. Or on your phone or tablet download and open the Podcasts app, then tap “Search” and type in

Listen on our website by going to the sermon feed here: (Each sermon is a separate post that goes in order from the most recent to the oldest.)

For sermon series we have already finished, it may be easier to go the sermon archives. The sermons are grouped by series and put in chronological order. For some series, there are even supporting resources.