Luke 19.41-48 is a story about God’s goodness meeting our stubbornness. The peace and belonging we so desperately need are on offer, but the world’s ways of hostility and exclusion are deeply engrained in us. Jesus comes to us anyway and begins to reorder our lives and our communities under his humble rule. How do we recognize and receive Christ now at the time of our visitation? Here is the prayer Pastor Peter wrote in response to our text this morning:

The things that make for peace—
the peace we want and need
the peace we’re asking for
the peace we’re trying so hard to secure—
it’s hidden from our eyes;
we cannot see where you are
we cannot follow your light.
Your light is as darkness to our eyes
your presence like vulnerable exposure
your promises like risky gambles rather than sure things
your goodness like a demanding tax on all we treasure.
How we fail to recognize when you’re visiting.

But quickly you come into your own house
you find us unprepared
defrauding one another in your name.
Revive us again
when we worship come to meet us
let us recognize our visitation.